50 ml Miniature Distilled Spirits

Have you been thinking about entering the 50 ml Miniature Distilled Spirits Market? Take advantage of this amazing offer, and you too can compete in this value added market at a fraction of the cost of new.

This complete system includes:

  • Omega Unscrambler with Tipper and Elevator
  • Imaje Inkjet Coder
  • US Bottlers Cleaner
  • 27 Head Horix Rotary Filler
  • 8 Head Alcoa Rotary Capper with Capmatic Sorter
  • Cap Elevator
  • 15 Head Krones Rotary Labeler
  • & Poly Pack Bundler

Additional benefits include integrated conveying system with accumulation capacity and much more.  Contact Paul today for additional information!

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